Kratom Cures Anxiety


Study showing over 250 volunteers taken Kratom and in result anxiety was gone!

I found Kratom because my social anxiety was ruining my life — seriously.

This may be the post I’m the most passionate about.  Flash forward to when I was 18 years old.  I have always had some anxiety growing up, but when I was 18 things got really bad.  A death in the family, coupled with stress from school caused to me to have the WORST social anxiety.  I was terrified to talk to people.  I was scared to even leave my house or go to class.  I was always on the verge of what seemed to be a panic attack.  Not only that.. I had this weird anxiety tick going on where I would nervously shake if anybody made a sudden movement around me in class. It was terrible.

My life was a mess.  I got subscribed some anti-anxiety medications that turned me into a zombie.  They also interfered with my studying so I eventually stopped.  I then tried to work out and hope that that would eliminate my anxiety.  It helped a little bit, but it didn’t really do anything to 100% get my life in control.  I started to do tons of Google searches for hours until finally one day.. I found it. I found Kratom.  It took me some experiencing with different strains (and a bad expereince with a sub-par vendor I had to deal with), but I was finally able to find something that help me get over the huge hurdle in my life.

Kratom Will Help Get Rid Of Your Anxiety & Help You Overcome It

I began to use Kratom almost every day.. and especially during stressful times.  The crazy thing about Kratom is that it not only helped me get rid of the anxiety at that very moment, it also helped me gain real world experience that my anxiety was all just in my head.  Now, that took years, but with the help of Kratom, I’m at the point in my life when I don’t need it anymore.

->  Don’t get me wrong.. there will always be those situations where I could some Kratom, but it helped me about 75% of the crazy anxiety I was taking.

Also, everybody is different.  Even though I WILL guarantee that this particular strain of Kratom will eliminate your anxiety, I cannot for sure say it will cure you of all your anxiety.  Everybody is different.

Let’s Get To The Goods

When we talked about the different Kratom strains, we mentioned that there were 3 speeds that we classify Kratom in:  Slow, Steady and Fast. When you are looking for defeating your anxiety, you want to look for something in the Steady/Moderate range.  However, some fast strains can also help you become social.  Problem is, some fast strains also can add to your anxiety, so with those strains you just need to find your sweet spot.

The strain that I recommend is technically a steady/moderate strain and shouldn’t add to your anxiety.


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