Kratom Tolerance

Kratom Tolerance and Withdrawals.

The basis of this article is discussing Kratom Tolerance and Withdrawals.  The only people who truly need to worry about this are people who incorporating Kratom either every day or close to it.

Kratom withdrawals are honestly not as bad or prevalent as people may think.  All those horror stores of bad withdrawals you may have read in the internet are because of AWFUL VENDORS and ABUSE.  The combination of the two can lead to bad withdrawals and create an extreme high tolerance for you.

That’s why, we always stress to do your research and look for good vendors and to be smart with your dosage.  We talked about Kratom Dosage in part three of our beginner’s series. Kratom withdrawals for most people who stick to good vendors and do not abuse it will feel like a mild to moderate cold.

AND, in this post, we’ll go over how to rotate various strains so you never have to worry about your tolerance going up and getting mild withdrawal symptoms that may occur with long usage of Kratom.  Sounds good, right?  :)


Rotating Strains Is The Key To Preventing Tolerance & Withdrawals

Remember how in part two of our beginner’s series on Kratom we mentioned that three types of Kratom Strains?  For those who may have forgotten, they are slow, steady (moderate), and fast.  The key to avoiding any sort of Kratom tolerance & withdrawals from it is to make sure you are rotating strains. So, you wouldn’t want to have the same Kratom strain back-to-back.  That’s a sure way to get your tolerance up.

So for example…

If you are a fast strain kind of guy on Monday (so maybe it’s Maeng Da), then on Tuesday you’d want to jump aboard either the slow or steady/moderate train.  Likewise, if you’re a slow kind of guy on Monday, switch it up with a fast strain that following Tuesday.

By doing this, you’ll limit your chances of an increase of tolerance and will not make yourself vulnerable to any withdrawal.  :)

What If I’m Not a Kratom-er Everyday?

If you’re not on the Kratom train every single day, than you really don’t need to worry about rotating strains.  So, if you’re more of a Monday, Wednesday, Friday guy, you could just look towards fast strains each of those days if you really wanted.  Your tolerance may still go up slightly over time, but it’ll be nothing compared if you were on a fast strain every single day.

Short Post For the Win

This was definitely one of the shorter posts in the five part beginner series, but that’s because it’s straightforward.  If you’re looking at Kratom as an everyday thing, be sure to rotate your strains.  If not, be aware slight tolerance increases may occur — and if that happens — just switch strains or take a few days off.  Simple as that.  In addition.. if you ever need to stop your Kratom lifestyle, you won’t experience any side effects with strain rotation.  ALSO, make sure you have a good quality Kratom vendor as well — bad, low quality vendors make you more at risk for tolerance and withdrawals.  So, please do your research!

That’s it for now folks.  In the next part of the series, we go in-depth on how to find a good Kratom vendor!




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