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  1. Charlie January, 2016 at 11:56a
    Your beginner’s guide proved to be extremely valuable as I turned to Kratom, somewhat in desperation, to alleviate intractable withdrawal symptoms from years of legitimate prescribed Suboxone for chronic pain. I learned from personal experience and extensive research that Suboxone is actually an insidious medication, and I’m determined to get off of it. With the support of my MD and techniques from the web, I found that none of the suggestions provided adequate withdrawal relief — vitamin C megadose therapy, nutraceuticals, benzodiazepines, etc.. I learned of Kratom from Matt Finch’s site, did a blitz of research, and started it just 3 days ago using your Beginner’s Guide.
    The bottom line is — Kratom works! quickly and quite well, with nearly complete relief from withdrawal symptoms, including the dreaded akathisia or “itchy joints”, and with few side effects. (I did make a mistake and took too much of a fast strain yesterday and was nauseous all day, but I’m back on track today with just 4mg of a green Borneo.)
    Thanks for making this resource available, and I hope that others facing withdrawal symptoms will consider Kratom.

  2. Megan January, 2016 at 12:45pm

    Kratom is well-known as an “energizer” but I find that this energy comes in a unique way. Stimulants such as caffeine and yohimbe can provide wakefulness and energy but at the cost of elevated heart-rate and blood pressure plus unpleasant feelings of being “wired” and jittery. With Kratom (low 3 or 4 gram dose), I get an unmistakable energy boost and commensurate motivation to “get things done” but without the side-effects of stimulants. (As a matter of fact, my resting heart-rate and blood pressure both went down, to 112/68 and 55 bpm.) I’ve never experienced euphoria or a high from Kratom or anything else, and I didn’t want to use Kratom after getting past Suboxone withdrawal, but I might change my mind in light of this discovery and continue to use Kratom for this one specific purpose as an energy-booster.

  3. Joshua  February, 2016 at 3:22pm

    I am SO, SO, SO glad to hear this. I’m going to be starting this weekend, and I’m so thrilled about it. The thought of being able to not be handcuffed to narcotics will be such a relief for me. I am just hoping beyond hope that all this works. Thanks for your thoughts!